Thursday, 8 September 2011

World Literacy Day!

Today marks the annual world literacy day. A day like any other in our beloved country; where not many will even know about this day as it will slip by silently. The 24 hours will pass by in the background with each clock tick getting ‘deafeningly’ louder. Screaming to us what we are losing every passing second.
We celebrate many days throughout the year. The defense day just passed, and before that the Independence Day was celebrated across the country. Each day has its own set of events, songs and colors. Each day is special. The media says so. The politicians will remind you in their statements.
One may wish to inquire the countrymen for the day of literacy in the same context then. How is this day celebrated in Pakistan? Who sings the songs of hope and cheers to the countdown every midnight of 8th September? What is the color of education in our country? Is it a noticeable red? Or the dull grey? Does it have a tinge of green and white both? Some questions that need to be addressed. It really is about time.
Very bitter realities may surface when we do. They say education is a right of every child and adult. But we say it is the right of the land to have citizens that are literate. Let us give our dear country its rights.
Pakistan Zindabad!


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